We invite women of all ages and fitness abilities to join a group of people who want to stay healthy and have fun. We are a resource for active women or those trying to be active.

Club members share health and wellness information, meet to train together, and compete together in races and triathlons. By becoming a member, you support your own healthy lifestyle, while supporting other women who may be struggling to get started. You also help fund the scholarship program, which awards scholarships to high school seniors.

Club membership is $25 per year, and you can join at any time!


-Individual Yearly Membership

Join or renew your membership online


-5K Walk to Run Spring Clinic

The Clinic runs annually with a Graduation Race (fee charged separately).  Your free Club Membership starts after the clinic ends and runs one calendar year and is indicated as such when you sign up for the Clinic.  

2019 Spring Clinic Graduates, Baystate NICU 5k

The PVWRC invites women of all ages and fitness abilities to participate in a 9-10 week program to stay healthy, have fun, and run a 5K! Come and find a group of like-minded women who support each other.  Check back here in the coming weeks to find out the dates for our next Clinic.

$75 per person (Participants will also receive a free one-year membership in the Pioneer Valley Women’s Running Club.) Email us at for more information.

If you prefer to submit a membership form by mail, contact us and we’ll provide one.


-New Member Pilot Program*

As a part of becoming a new member of PVWRC, if you are interested (*and based on availability), you can be matched up with a volunteer mentor who will commit to 8 weeks as your running buddy.  You can run, run/walk, walk only- whatever you are looking for to get into or back into running.  You and your mentor can set up actual times to meet to run or virtual opportunities to connect.  Ideally you will be matched up with someone in close proximity to where you live/work or who could meet you at a convenient time and place. 

If you are interested in being paired up with a mentor in the pilot program, please email us at after you sign up for an annual membership and let us know. We will do our best to connect you with someone local to you.