New Member Benefit

We are excited to announce a New Member Pilot Program in place of our Walk-to-Run Clinic!!

Due to continuing COVID-19 concerns and Forest Park/ Board of Health restrictions, the Clinic Committee and Board have decided that we will not be able to have an in-person Walk-Run Clinic. We do have an alternative idea though!

As a part of becoming a new member of PVWRC, if you are interested and based on availability, you will be matched up with a volunteer mentor who will commit to 8 weeks as your running buddy.  You can run, run/walk, walk only- whatever you are looking for to get into or return to running.  You and your mentor can set up actual times to meet to run or virtual opportunities to connect.  Ideally you will be matched up with someone in close proximity to where you live/work or who could meet you at a convenient time and place. 

If you are interested in being paired up with a mentor in the pilot program, please email us at after you sign up for an annual membership and let us know.